Community quilts- thank you

Gail Bayly, our community quilts Co-Ordinator, received a lovely letter last week, and I share it here, so you can all give yourselves a big pat on the back.  Continue the good work and remember on our website we have a whole list of patterns and information on Community quilts, if you would like to become involved in any capacity.

Thankyou yet again for the AWESOME number of quilts that were delivered to us yesterday .  Sadly one of our staff “just missed” Sandy who delivered them as I believe she had been caught up in traffic.

  Please pass on our gratitude to the members of your group as we feel very privileged to be associated with such amazingly talented people.

By midday today we had delivered 2 quilts to members who we knew would be extremely grateful (as they were) as they are unwell at present and haven’t been able to attend Outreach here at Wilson.

I have been discussing with one of our Councillors this afternoon about a session on Mindfulness that  she is holding for members in September. She is very keen on taking quilts to share amongst this group as they are very “new” members and she feels this will give them a sense of “peace” at such a difficult time in their lives as they are newly diagnosed.

The need is certainly “wide-spread” as you can see from the recipients we have already thought of. Rest assured all the hard work and dedication of your members is thought of greatly and we would be happy to hear from you again in the future if you are ever looking again for “homes for your beautiful  quilts”.

Kind regards

Nicola Ryan
Senior Outreach Coordinator



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