Sew to Grow- yes you can sew and not just quilts!!

How many times do you go into a shop looking for the perfect fitting shirt, dress, skirt, trousers and come away feeling very disappointed, you had some extra money to spend and could not find a thing!! Size variances in clothing today is a joke, in one shop you could be a size 12 and in the next shop you can barely pull the size 14 trousers over your hips.  With this in mind, we really enjoyed having Lindsey Rae from Sew to Grow as your guest speaker at our General Meeting on Wednesday night ,.

Lindsey hails from USA, but now calls Australia home, after falling in love with an Aussie.  Lindsey absolutely LOVES giving the gift of sewing by teaching others new skills and building confidence. Sewing is not what it use to be, and it can be so rewarding to create something unique and individual to your style. Her  Sew to Grow patterns are designed to teach and grow your skills through easy to follow and understand instructions.

We really  benefited from Lindsey’s knowledge and passion about all things sewing and came away with some great tips.  Lindsey also has a great website, sells her patterns via stockists or you can download her patterns and she even has video tutorials, to help you on your sewing journey. We all came away feeling very inspired and of course we had some great members who wore Lindsey’s designs and really rocked the catwalk! – thank you ladies and a big thanks to Lindsey.  Of course no general meeting attendee goes away hungry either!! Thanks Carla and team.


lindey-rae-1.jpgLINDSAY RAE7lindsay-rae2.jpg





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