Poppy Workshop


Thank you to Liz Humpreys,  for providing us with the following information.  If you are one of the many people out there,  who crocheted or knitted popppies, we now need to work together and put everything together.

Liz has received this letter from RSL  Event Manager, Wendy Moss

“Thank you to all the Poppy Ladies that volunteered their precious time over the month of July and early August. The ladies report that we have 7,000 ready to be ‘planted’ in Kings Park for the 11 November and now we really need your help to assemble the rest! We have poppies coming in thick and fast so we now need all hands on deck to help put together our beautiful poppies ready for the big day. 

With most of the knitting and crochet done, anyone can get involved in this part of the project! Please pass this message on to anyone who may be interested in helping our ladies wind up French knitted stalks, prep sticks for gluing and stitching poppies to sticks. The more hands the lighter the work!

Here are the dates for workshop at Poppy HQ (RSLWA State Branch)

Level 3/66 St Georges Terrace, Perth:

August: Friday 17, Tuesday 21, Friday 24, Tuesday 28, Friday 31

September: Tuesday 4, Friday 7, Tuesday 11, Friday 14, Tuesday 18,

 Friday 21, Tuesday 25, Friday 28 

 October: Tuesday 2, Friday 5, Tuesday 9, Friday 12, Tuesday 16,

Friday 19, Tuesday 23, Friday 26, Tuesday 30

We are currently working on holding some workshops on the weekend. Once confirmed, I will advise the group. 

We hope to see as many people as possible.


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