Sewing day & night & Christmas in July

We were very privileged to have Kate Ferguson speak with us at the last WAQA sewing day.  Kate as a curator of WAQA, had lots of interesting information to impart, as our history goes back now 42 years.   Kate provided us with  an adaptation of her speech, “Why quilting?”  which she had  presented at the Freshwater museum last month.  Kate endeared us with her own quilting journey over the years and we enjoyed viewing her very first quilt, titled, “Liberty Belle”. Kate on the right of photo.


Kate also suggests that every quilter should consider making a “funeral quilt”, so when your time comes to depart this world, your coffin will be beautifully draped with your handiwork.  Something to thing about!

Next up Faye from Ocean Keys Sewing Centre, Clarkson, gave us some great ideas on using circles in your quilts.



We also had our wonderful show and tell, community quilts and our Christmas in July party.  If you are reading this and do not live in the southern hemisphere, it is becoming a bit of a tradition in many parts of Australia for many people to hold a Christmas in July themed party.  The weather is much cooler in July, than what it is in December, you have the opportunity to enjoy or cook  a hot meal, without dripping with sweat  and you get to wear your winter gear, including those very kooky/bad taste Christmas sweaters.  Our wonderful Treasurer, Carla and her team always ensures that the evening is a lot of fun for everyone.  This year you had to dance with Santa Clause to receive your Christmas tree bingo gift.

xmas 1xmas2



show tell2

show tell 1show tell

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