A thank you from the heart

This was addressed to our President recently and I wanted to share it with you.  St.Barts are just one of  our groups that benefit from the generosity of our community quilters.

I think this letter outlines the importance of continuing to give where you can, and no matter how big or small the quilt is that you make, you know that it is always appreciated.

I recently read, Meg Cowey’s post ( Our house quilts) who is a WAQA member, Meg has just finished off some quilts that she has been making for some time and decided to try out her quilt skills on her new quilting machine.  She points out that though the quilting is not perfect, it has made good practice for her and no one who needs to feel the love of a quilt wrapped around them, is going to say “that the quilting is a bit wonky” or “the points don’t match up”.

Does that fear make you stop and say sometimes, my quilt or quilting is not good enough to be given to someone else?   Remember, that anything you make will be going to a person, who has so little in their lives, yet by your generosity, you will bring a little bit of sunshine into their lives, and  perhaps make them feel a little bit better about their circumstances and that by giving  the gift of a quilt, it will be cherished and loved and more importantly it will be used by them.

I am trying to make some changes in my own life this year,  nothing major, but perhaps a bit more upcycling /recycling  and perhaps a bit less fabric and pattern buying and maybe really digging into my stash and making a few quilts to help others. I have already had a bit of clean up and have sorted out some books and fabric panels, that I know longer want, but will be useful at the Bazaar sale in September, and the profits going to WAQA community quilters for the further purchase of thread and batting for our charity quilts.

You can read more about community quilters and also some of the patterns they use on the WAQA website, the patterns are very easy and are published every month.

The  community quilts group also meet every few months, and always have a lot of fun, sharing tips, making quilts, sewing blocks together or just sewing on the binding.

As you can imagine with so many people and groups in our community, quilt stocks always run very low, especially during our cooler months,  if you think you can assist in any capacity then please contact:- the community quilt convenor at waqacommunityquilts@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy reading this letter.

To the President

I wish to let your members know that your donations of quilts in 2016 to St Bartholomew’s House in particular to the homeless women in the  Kensington Street (KS) Transitional Accommodation program has been invaluable.  Our women are aged 50 years and over often socially isolated and separated from family members.  Many have experienced trauma, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, domestic violence, financial hardship, drugs and alcohol addiction or mental illness etc.  Hence your thoughtfulness has made an incredible impact on them after months of sleeping in on the streets, in their car or couch surfing with family and friends. Their comments are as following:

  • I feel at home after such a long time.
  • I feel the warm of being with my grandmother.
  • I feel so comforted and ready to make a new start.
  • I am able to sleep for the first time in years.
  • Thanks to the special person who did all this work. I feel special!

One of our many community quilters in action

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1 Response to A thank you from the heart

  1. Virginia O'Keeffe says:

    Makes such work so heart warming and worthwhile

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