Recycle/Upcycle – the new buzz word in quilting

Are you heading to our Retreat at Shoalwater this year?  Are you interested in creating new quilts from old things?  Are you looking at your fabric stash and saying I am never going to use all of this in my lifetime and holy cow, what was I thinking when I brought that fabric.  Has your body grown in size?? or maybe if you are lucky your healthy diet regime is working and you have lost weight, what do you do with all those pairs of jeans that no longer fit??

Well our retreat at Shoalwater,  this year is all about using up what you have, whether you have some old denim, too much fabric or you have raided your nanna’s doily collection, old tea towels or table cloth collection, then we can make the most of it.  Advice on quilting on a budget and also a demonstration on how to make you own eco shopping bags by using what you have, or giving new life to your old bits of fabric.  “There is no such thing as an ugly fabric, when it is cut into a 2 and half inch square”  ( I think this quote was made famous by Bonnie Hunter on her Quiltville blog.

We only have a few spots left, even if you only want to attend for one night, Susan and Pauline will be able to help with this request, contact them at

Thursday afternoon from 4pm, July 26 to around lunchtime on Sunday, July 29th.

This beautiful quilt was made by Karen Bell and will be on display at the retreat.



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