Random acts of kindness

Gail Bayly, our wonderful WAQA community quilt Co-Ordinator shared this beautiful story with me yesterday.

” I spent this morning at Handiquilter Club Day at Handcrafters House.  A lady there, with whom I was not familiar, approached me to say she had some quilts out in her car to give me.  I told her how wonderful that would be and how much the recipients would appreciate her gift.  Then her comes the part which left me speechless.  In her car, neatly folded and stacked were 30 completed double, single and lap quilts she was donating to the WAQA Community Quilt Program.  This lady’s name was Margaret Trouton and, on behalf of the program and the future recipients of these community quilts I extend many a heartfelt thank you for the support and caring shown to those experiencing life’s challenges.  You have provided many fabric hugs for those in need of them. Margaret, your generosity and caring is greatly appreciated.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart” 

 Gail Bayly – WAQA Community Quilt Coordinator

I repeat how wonderful, random acts of kindness are, especially when you least expect them.

Margaret Trouton 1

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1 Response to Random acts of kindness

  1. Virginia O'Keeffe says:

    What a generous and wonderful gift

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