Borders & Bridges

The 2018 Australian Quilters Challenge was Borders and Bridges.  Entries were to be based on a traditional or contemporary design that reflects and interprets the theme ‘Borders & Bridges’.

Pictured below are some of the quilts that were made for the challenge.  We are very excited that these quilts will be on display at QuiltWest in May.

The winning entry was a beautiful quilt by Sue De Vanny from Victoria.  These are a few words from Sue about her quilt.



sue de vanny

We were also very happy to hear that our own Marie Mitchell had won the Judges choice award for her koala entry.  Maries’s words and quilt below.

marie mitchell


It is also a thrill to know that quilting is alive and well in Western Australia, with 3 quilters being finalists in the challenge; Sue Mobilia, Susan Sheath & Silke Steuxner.

Well done ladies, I can’t wait to see these quilts in real life.  They are all stunning.


“Construction” by Susan Sheath.


sue m

“Is this Paradise” by Sue Mobilia


Dragon Magic by Silke Steuxner

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