Double Dose

I have been receiving lots of photos and information from the lovely WAQA members in Perth so without further ado, it is time for another blog post.

I apologise in advance for not always having the names of people who make the quilts, but know that you all love to see lovely quilts and sometimes our photographers are madly snapping away at show and tell, that it is sometimes hard to catch someones name. Rest assured though, that we do always check for permission with the owner before we click away and send the image into the blogosphere for everyone to see!


Not sure who made this quilt, but they said that needle turn applique and hand quilting were perfect partners.

This magnificent quilt is made by the Tentmakers of Egypt and is owned by Kerry Moore.

Four of the quilts pictured were made by  Kerry Moore.  Kerry’s name may sound familiar as she  attends the Rajah quilt group and is  our country liaison contact person for WAQA. Gorgeous work, Kerry.

Yellow star stripe quilt  by Kerry Moore.

Hexagon quilt by Kerry, made at the Hexagon group

I believe that Kerry has made this quilt pattern four times.

Christmas quilt by Kerry Moore

Our community quilters have also been busy making incubator and humidicrib covers, many of these  small quilts were made by quilters who are just learning to quilt  at the Glyde Inn.  We also have quilters helping to quilt tops on their long arm machines and donating their time and talent for others.

Hope you enjoy these images and I always love to hear from people about their quilting journey, so if one of these quilts is yours let me know at

Enjoy your weekend and I am sure these quilts will give you lots of inspiration,  or if you can spare a few hours, at any time,  you may like to help our community quilters.  Go to our facebook page to see more photos of community quilts.





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1 Response to Double Dose

  1. Robyn Grubb says:

    You are right 🙂 I love seeing the photos…. you can have a good look at them here. Sometimes they are whisked away quickly when there are lots of quilts to show at Show and Tell.

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