Meet a quilter – Sue Mobilia

If you think this quilter’s name rings a bell, you are right!  Sue was our second place winner for the 2017 challenge quilt with her small quilt, “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. ( pictured below).

Via the wonderful small world of the internet, I put some questions to Sue, which she was more than happy to answer for our blog.  Thank you Sue.

Don't count your chickens

One of the first questions I put to Sue was, Do you keep chickens, or did you like the quote and worked it all out from there?

Sue’s reply was, “I don’t have any chooks at the moment but we have done and some of them were Light Sussex, lovely white chickens with black lacy shawls around their necks. Just perfect inspiration for practicing my “feather quilting”.
I could not decide whether to call my quilt “Birds of a Feather”, “Don’t put all your Eggs in One Basket” or “Don’t count your Chickens” so I asked my Facebook friends and most of them preferred the last so there it is!
Where in Western Australia do you call home”?
We have lived in coastal Dongara,  for 15 years in a lovely 1880’s home that is filled with character.  Dongara is an approximate  45 minutes drive south of Geraldton . I love my house and Dongara,  but do feel it’s time to move back to the city and the grandchildren now.
Do you have a favourite place to eat, drink or meet with friends in your town?
Every Sunday morning you will find me with a group of wonderful friends enjoying breakfast at The Starfish Cafe right on South Beach, Port Denison. I’ll certainly miss that when we move
Do you quilt with a group in your local area?
I was an active member of the Dongara Patchwork Club (The Patch) for years, doing several stints on the committee over that time which highlighted in 2013 as I led the club through our first Public Hanging at the local Rec. Centre. It was a big decision moving from our previous venue at the old Priory with all the charm and history it has, into the large, shiny new building but it was a good move and the Triennial Quilt Hanging has now become well known as the place for quilters to travel bush every 3 years to see some wonderful work. It was always held the day after Northampton’s Annual Airing of the Quilts but unfortunately that show is no longer held at all. Maybe just staging it every 3 years like Dongara does is enough to manage. The next Public Hanging in Dongara is in October 2019.

Please tell us a little more about your quilting/sewing/craft journey?

I made my very first quilt in 1972, a little dolly’s quilt for my first born. Over the next 30 years I busily raised my babies and then trained and worked as an interior designer into the new millennium but I was always sewing as I went and totally self taught. Then my bloke and I made our Sea Change to Dongara where I joined the Patch Club. 
Well, I’d been doing it all wrong! I soon learnt I needed to measure, use patterns, follow rules, sew straight, oh my goodness, I needed to come up to speed, so I learnt the rules and achieved some success in making quilts to please the Grandies and family. I now know how to make real quilts but I was bored out of my brain.
So I decided to enter challenges and in 2016 I sent a quilt to WAQA for the Ruby Challenge, a portrait of my daughter’s dog Ruby. That was fun and I got a kick out of seeing it displayed at Quiltwest, now I’m hooked on making Art Quilts. 
How many quilts do you think you have made over the years?
I have no idea how many quilts I’ve made over the years, probably 100s, some tiny 6 inch samples, some a lot bigger. I’ve sold some, gifted some, used some and even cut up and recycled some. I work quickly and my mind is always planning the next piece.
I enjoy photography, drawing, eco dyeing and my busy retirement.
Lastly, are your nearest and dearest impressed or supportive of your quilting hobby?
I have no idea. My kids like their quilts well enough, my Grandies love theirs and some can now make quilts themselves, my bloke doesn’t want one “because we have plenty” and I just like to go out to my studio and play so I guess we are happy with it just like that.
Enjoy some more of Sue’s work below, and once again Sue thank you for sharing!

Me with my AQC Challenge “Pause for Paws” I was thrilled to have my quilt selected for judging and participation in the display in Mexico.


Progress photo of my 2018 AQC Challenge “Borders & Bridges”. It has been chosen for prejudging but it may be returned shortly or hopefully selected for final judging and exhibition. Wish me me luck please.

Indigo Shibori dyeing for my Boro quilt, 45,000 hand stitches, 11,000 done so far!


Ruby, photo and quilt.

 You can also view more of Sue’s work on fb.  Sue Mobilia textiles.
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5 Responses to Meet a quilter – Sue Mobilia

  1. Megan Byrne says:

    What a fabulous series this will be Lorraine. So interesting.

  2. Virginia O'Keeffe says:

    Loved reading this article, Congratulations to Sue on your fabulous quilts. Isnt it good to let go! LOL.

  3. Robyn Grubb says:

    Great article about a clever lady 🙂 Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself Sue and your terrific quilts

  4. Deirdre Anna Garnett says:

    Hi Sue
    I was the lucky person to see and purchase pause for paws at Dongara. It now hangs in my bedroom and I can’t quite believe it. The kangaroo is quite flirtatious with those curly eyelashes and the kangaroo paws lusciously inviting you to pick them. Best wishes for a new year of creativity.

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