Small group quilters lend a hand.

Lots of WAQA members belong to smaller groups who stitch at each other’s homes or venues all over Western Australia.

One of our small group members is Pippa,  and her group work mostly in the American Civil war quilt patterns and materials, as below.

pippa quilt2

Pippa was at the final day of shop hop last year at Handcrafters house,  where Michele the owner, demonstrated a quilt block.  Pippa asked if she could copy the block and Michele said yes.

Pippa brought the red/pink fabric  and then tried to use up her lime greens but she didn’t have enough. The rest of the group brought their greens along and she was able to finish the quilt which she has made for community quilts. She machine quilted animal shapes in the center of the blocks…… she is hoping it will go to a needy child.

This years shop hop will also finish at Handcrafters House in Midland, where our final Shop Hop event raffle will be drawn on Sunday afternoon, March 11th.


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2 Responses to Small group quilters lend a hand.

  1. mckpwll says:

    I’ve always loved Civil War patterns and fabrics and have amassed ALOT! I’d love to know where your group meets and if you’re accepting new members 🙂

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