Every quilt tells a story

At WAQA we not only love to see the quilts at show and tell, but we also love to hear the stories behind them.  What techniques were used? How you chose the colors? was the quilt made for someone special or just for yourself? How long it took? Hand pieced, machine pieced? Made from a pattern or from your own creativity?  Hand quilted, machine quilted?  Every quilt has a story, just like it’s maker.

Enjoy the images below from January sewing day and night, where members told of the stories behind their quilts -including a person who made two quilts whilst waiting for a long expected grandchild. The first quilt was judged too girly when the child turned out to be a boy, so another more boyish quilt was created.

Other members spoke of new techniques being tried out.
There were two quilters who were showing their first quilts at the Sewing Day.
S&T7S&T8 (1)




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2 Responses to Every quilt tells a story

  1. Ruth Morgan says:

    Dear Fellow Quilters – I am in UK now and am delighted to receive e-mails from the group (to which I belonged from 1982 – 1998). It is lovely to see your work, but I am always particularly interested in ‘Meet a Quilter’ and look forward to reading many more. Keep up the good work! If you have a challenge not limited to residents and/or current financial members, perhaps I might enter! If anyone is visiting East Anglia sometime and would like to visit a local group, please let me know.
    Regards to all,

    Ruth Morgan

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