Come along and meet Ruth de Vos

Ruth de Vos will be our guest speaker at WAQA general meeting on February 7.  I had the opportunity recently, with the wonders of modern technology to ask Ruth a few questions.

Are you WA born and bred?

I was born in the Netherlands, but moved to Albany, WA when I was a baby, so yes, WA bred! I lived in Albany until I began my uni studies in Perth when I was 17.

 Did you come from an artistic background?
My mum is very creative, and was always busy making things. She was prepared to give anything a go! She made toys, clothes, and home decorations, and would also draw homemade picture books if she felt there was a story that needed to be told. My three sisters and I all enjoy creative pursuits, and I’m sure that is partly due to the creative home we grew up in.
Last holiday you enjoyed?
We just spent a week in Bremer Bay, camping and had the most beautiful weather ever! My kids got to play with their cousins, my husband did the cooking, and I got to do lot’s of drawing!
What is your most preferred medium; painting, drawing, sewing? 
Oooh, this is a tricky one… I waver between drawing and sewing. Although the drawing is also part of any quilt I make, as they all start as sketches in my sketchbook. As I’ve worked at developing my drawing skills for the purpose of designing better art quilts, I have learned to love drawing more and more!
As well as having six children, do you have any pets? 
Sshhh… my boys have been begging for a dog for years! I haven’t been ready for that extra work load yet!
Thank you for your time Ruth, it will be exciting to meet you in Perth.
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