“Meet a quilter”- Judith Wilton

GET TO KNOW A QUILTER – A series of posts about people who quilt in our community

Today we are introducing Judith who lives in Augusta and recently won the WAQA 2017 challenge quilt with her entry, “To be or not to bee”.  Front and back picture below.

To Be or Not to BeTwo bees back

To get to know Judith a little bit better, I put some questions to her .

  • Have you always been interested in quilting?

No but the sewing machine I received for my 21st birthday many moons ago has always been ready for action, principally dressmaking, but now it’s piecing and quilting. I made my first quilt about 20 years ago.

  • Do you quilt with a group? And where are they situated?

I am fortunate to be associated with several groups. Prior to moving to Augusta 4 years ago I was part of Quirky Quilters in Claremont, now I’m their ‘country member’. They are a very dynamic group of quilters who are always experimenting and challenging each other to new directions in use of fabric and thread. I also gained lots of inspiration and knowledge attending CQG. Now I may only get to one or two of the groups monthly meetings each year, but technology provides a great connection with lots of shared photos and blogs.

My quilt group in Augusta have been meeting weekly for over 30 years. They are predominantly traditional hand quilters so the pace is much slower than the Perth groups, however we do finish each meeting with a glass of wine or bubbles.

  • WA born and bred?  –Yes
  • How long did it take you to make the challenge quilt? And is the “quote” one of your favourites?

I was making a ‘bee’ art quilt for my husband, who is a bee keeper, long before considering a submission for the challenge. The quilt is based upon a photo of our bees in the garden. I had made 3 bees when the quote inspiration came in an advert for some Shakespearian programme on TV. Simple says my husband ‘to be or not to be that is the question? …. And the answer is three so put the third bee on the back’. That required extra planning for the applique and quilting.

The quilt was made over several weeks, but it took a month of evenings hand sewing the French knots on the bottle brush.

  • What techniques do you enjoy using when it comes to creating a quilt or an art piece?

I enjoy most machine piecing and quilting techniques. In piecing traditional blocks precision is the challenge, while in art pieces it is more like painting in fabric and thread …  the fun is in creating something unique without any constraints. I had resisted hand piecing since joining the Augusta group, much preferring machine techniques, but have recently started a   Millefiori quilt – it is a 10 year project!

Do you enjoy any other crafts?

I enjoy cross stitch and embroidery and rarely watch TV without a needle in my hand.

  • If I have the chance to visit Augusta can you recommend a local eatery where they serve great coffee?

The Colour Patch where we regularly go to enjoy a coffee. It’s a wonderful location with views across the mouth of the Blackwood river, with a family of dolphins regularly seen playing in the shallows. The Colour Patch serves great fish & chips too!!

  • Top tip you can pass on to other quilters?

In my pre retirement life as an occupational therapist I treated numerous quilters with hand problems so my top tip is “Respond to the messages from your hand and upper limb muscles and joints, they are not part of a machine so need frequent periods of stretch and rest”.

Judith it has been a pleasure to “get to know a little bit about you” thank you for your time.

Chinese Whisper Challenge 2017

A few of the Augusta Quilt group – Judith 3rd on the left pictured with the 14 quilts in the Chinese Whisper challenge.

“Ficofolia” Judith Chinese whispers challenge quilt

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5 Responses to “Meet a quilter”- Judith Wilton

  1. Eira Clapton says:

    Great story, and a great quilt too! I like the comment about taking care of our arms and hands when we quilt.

  2. Ruth Morgan says:

    So interesting. More biographies please! I am in UK now but love to hear about WAQA members.

    • Thank you for your comment Ruth. I am very new to the social media for WAQA and actually live a long way from all the action in Perth. I too love reading about people, their sewing and their lives. I am off to Perth for a holiday on the weekend and plan to catch up with as may WAQA members as possible, so watch this space!! Lorraine.

  3. Barb Rice says:

    I just happened upon this dramatic quilt- Family of Boabs by Judith Wilton, while looking for inspiration as I am wanting to make a quilt for my brother who is fighting a battle with cancer. I just want to commend all the quilters who pour out themselves into such works of art, gifts of love and expressions of whatever kind pour out from them. It is a language that still needs more recognition. Blessed be the quiltmakers. Even beginning attempts deserve commendation as it is also a demonstration of our own faltering steps into the world of creativity ad expression which may have been repressed or dormant for too long.

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