English Paper Piecing

In the quilting world, English Paper Piecing is currently undergoing a real resurgence in popularity;  it is portable, is very useful for all that scraps that you have ( not that we quilters have many of those !) and there is so much information and wonderful patterns available, you would be crazy not to give this technique a go….. and these days it is not all about hexagons!!

Demonstrating this technique at our Sewing night was our own WAQA member, Meg, who I am told loves to sew by hand and is extremely talented.  With supplies  provided by The Strawberry Thief, one of WAQA’s diamond sponsors, Meg gave a very detailed explanation about preparing your pieces, using the glue sparingly and deftly demonstrated how to do the “knicker knot” an important element to know for this technique.

Meg is our Shop hop co-ordinator for 2018,  and is an integral part of the team helping to organise our Pop up Shops at sewing day and nights and also helps to organise the many demonstrations that happen at sewing day and nights.
In fact, if you or a friend have a sewing /quilting technique that you would love to share with other like minded people, Meg would love to hear from you, you can email her at:-  waqaweb@gmail.com.
Remember too if you are a WAQA regional member and can’t attend the Perth meetings, , you are also able to borrow some great books on English paper piecing from the WAQA library.
Also check out your local library, many of them have some great quilting books and if you have been extra good this year, you might be able to pop a few quilt books on your Christmas wish list!!

How to do English paper piecing.

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1 Response to English Paper Piecing

  1. natydesigns says:

    Loved this post, inspires me to get on with my EPP! well done Meg

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