Stop the presses…… exciting news!

Tonight at sewing night we had a bit of fun and decided to raffle the President and  Vice President badges.  Luckily for Lesley and I,   and all  WAQA members, the two ladies who won have decided they would like to keep the badges and take on the roles!!.
Congratulations to Kinnie Patterson for taking on  WAQA President and Carla Smales for  WAQA Vice President.
We are all  VERY  excited . Both ladies are enthusiastic, vibrant, personable and bring a range of skills and talents. They  are going to bring  a breath of fresh air to our Association.
 Please make them feel welcome, especially Kinnie who has only recently moved to Perth from Karratha ,and offer your support wherever possible .
I was excited to hear that Kinnie has stepped up to be  President,  as having known her e for quite a few years in Karratha, I know she will be a wonderful addition to the WAQA committee.
 A  warm and wonderful friend, great organisational skills and on a personal note very good at mathematical skills when helping me work out measurements!  She is also pretty handy with her long arm quilting skills.
We also had the pleasure at Show and tell of viewing the Lions Club Memorial quilt, pictured below.
Lions commemorative quilt

President and vice president 2017 to 2018

A very warm welcome to Kinnie ( President) and Carla ( Vice President)

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1 Response to Stop the presses…… exciting news!

  1. Marie Mitchell says:

    Congratulations and welcome to our new President & Vice President!

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