Quilters share, Quilters care.

If you are involved with social media, you know that some days you are going to have to put on your “big girl undies” and deal with brickbats as well as the bouquets, that come your way.   Today is not that day….. to all the quilters out there, that give up their time to make charity/community quilts,  to the ones who give/donate fabric, sew quilts and blocks, donate batting, quilt the quilt, bind the quilts  and deliver the quilts to their destinations this wonderful post is for you.

I had the most wonderful private message sent to me via the WAQA facebook page , earlier this week and with  her permission, I am sharing her heartfelt words.  For privacy reasons,  I have not included her name.   If you a big softie like me, you might need a tissue handy!!  Keep up the great work, there are so many people out in the community who appreciate the gift of a quilt.

“Tonight my 4 children and I were gifted with a beautiful quilt each, donated to the refuge we are staying in, by your association. I would like to personally thank you and express how something seemingly insignificant as a quilt can in fact mean so much in times like this. I had 15 minutes to grab what I could from our home before we were taken into care at the refuge due to domestic violence. As the risk is too great, we won’t be able to go back to the house to get anything more and will starting pretty much from scratch. These quilts will serve as a reminder that beautiful things can be made from small pieces. Tonight, each of my children have gone to sleep wrapped in one of your quilts. They have gone to sleep happy they have something special of their own. Wrapped up in hug from a stranger that might not have known just how much that was needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” .

Enjoy your weekend and know that your kindness and generosity are valued.

loveheart quilt.jpg

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