Mock Judging in Esperance

Recently two WAQA judges, Cathie Gamble and Margaret Smith, were invited to give a mock judging session in Esperance. Sound like both judges and quilters had a succesful and interesting day…

“We gave a brief over view of the Judging process then concentrated on getting the quilt ready for a judging and pointing out some of the pit-falls. We then split the group into two and asked each group to judge a large pile of quilts into first, second and third. We then jumbled the quilts up and swapped groups. It was very interesting to see the results. At the end they said they had a far greater understanding of how difficult it was for the judges. We had heaps of laughs and all in all it went down very well.”                                            Cathie Gamble

“A wonderful day spent with WAQA judges learning how best to present our quilts for judging. Cathie Gamble spoke first about workmanship, techniques etc. After morning tea Margaret Smith spoke about and demonstrated borders and binding methods. The afternoon saw us split into 2 groups taking part in a mock judging, which put into practice our morning instructions. Thankyou to Cathie and Margaret for your time and expertise and to WAQA for your support of Esperance quilters.”                                                 Rhonda Gill

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