Crowd Control for the Tentmakers!

What a fantastic night was had by all who attended the Tentmakers of Cairo presentation last night…

I got there quite early, only to find cars parked out on the street and the hall packed with people. This must be a record for attendance at a general meeting!

Jenny Bowker gave a talk and slideshow about the history of the tentmakers and their life and work, interspersed with lots of hilarious anecdotes. Thanks to Jenny for making this evening so interesting and to the three tentmakers, Hossam, Ahmed and Essam. Also thanks to Kerry Moore, who was instrumental in bringing the tentmakers to Perth and did all the hard work organising the visit.

Please note that although the men were generous in sharing their technique , the wonderful applique designs are copyrighted.

Go to  for more information

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2 Responses to Crowd Control for the Tentmakers!

  1. Lesley warren says:

    Oh what a night! There were nearly 400 people there! So much for worrying we wouldn’t get 200! Wow!

  2. I think you need a bigger hall!

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