Hello WA Quilters from the Pilbara

Hello everyone, I read in the last Quilters Quarterly that Phil Thomas was looking for a volunteer to take over the managing of the WAQA  blog and social media. I thought I can give that a go, so whilst in Perth for my daughter’s 18th, I made contact with Phil to discuss if this would be possible, being as I live in  regional WA.

Meeting Phil, and seeing her quilts in real life was such a pleasure.  Once I had stopped oohing an ahhing over her gorgeous quilts, we got down to business.

Phil believes  this can work and I am EXCITED and a little bit nervous, that I have the opportunity to help spread the WAQA news via the webpage and social media.  As we all know the world seems to be a very small place these days,  and with the click of a mouse or your fingertip, updates, events, news and photos are yours in an instant.

I look forward to sharing any news,updates and any photos that are sent to me, which I hope will be many, as unfortunately, I am not in Perth every week, to capture all the wonderful events, sewing days/nights  and classes that WAQA run.

I have been involved with lots of different committees over the years in Karratha and felt that I would now  like to volunteer some time to WAQA .  I love a challenge!!  I do make quilts and experiment with lots of crafty stuff.  I am also a full time library officer and books are a big part of my life. My name is Lorraine and I look forward to making lots of new friends via the blog and I hope that when I visit Perth, I am able to meet you in person.

With Phil’s guidance for the next few months and the help of the committee, I hope that I can provide just as much information as what Phil has done for the past five years!- Well done Phil, an amazing effort, I have big shoes to fill.


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5 Responses to Hello WA Quilters from the Pilbara

  1. Marion says:

    Good Luck Lorraine am sure you will enjoy it and you will manage it ok xx

  2. Lesley warren says:

    And it’s fabulous to have you on board Lorraine! Look forward to meeting you!

  3. Megan says:

    So happy to have you with us Lorraine, can’t wait to work with you.

  4. Virginia O'Keeffe says:

    Welcome Lorraine

  5. suemobilia says:

    Good for you Lorraine.

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