The Tentmakers of Cairo


The Tentmakers of Cairo

are coming to Perth as guests of the West Australian Quilters Association.

Who are they? – In a nutshell, men who are also master appliqué artists. They are Egyptians who are attempting to maintain their centuries old craft of appliquéd panels which lined the insides of their tents.

What will they do here? – They will present 2 one day interactive sessions where we can see how they work and experience their techniques that are centuries old by recreating one of their designs in the same way they do it.

When will this happen? – 30th and 31st July for the interactive sessions. More information on these will be in the next issue of the Quilters Quarterly.

2nd August: There will also be an evening of hearing their interpreter talk about their skills, their need to keep this tradition alive, and how they have managed to keep their incomes from disappearing due to modern copies. At the same time see them working as well as viewing an exhibition of their work which will also be for sale.

There will be more details on this in the Quilters Quarterly, including your invitation to attend the evening event.

Please mark your diaries now.

Kerry Moore

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13 Responses to The Tentmakers of Cairo

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  2. Gill Kilb says:

    How late does the tentmakers evening go on? Would it be possible to see their work after 8pm?

  3. Elspeth O'NEIL-DRISCOLL says:

    I wondered if they are traveling to South Australia?
    Kind regards,

  4. Cheryl Gilbert says:

    Do they come to Australia on a regular basis? I am the VP of the Geelong Patchwork & Quilters Guild (Victoria) and would love to hear their stories at one of our meetings if they come regularly. Regards Cheryl

  5. Linda Penny says:

    do I need to pre-purchase a ticket?

  6. Helen carter says:

    Hi there, I purchased and paid for a quilt and haven’t received this as yet. Can you assist please?

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