Shop Hop Update

3bf287db5ade92731e085af1096baaa3_we-are-going-away-on-our-girls-road-trip-clipart_236-240Passports were selling fast and furious yesterday at Sewing Night before they were even introduced! And everyone is starting to get excited. The Raffle Prizes are coming in and Kraft Daze has informed me that a Brother Rep is flying in for the Launch Event to demonstrate the Brother Scan’n’Cut they are donating as a prize.

Don’t forget to register for the Launch Event at Kraft Daze, the Make & Take Workshops at Quirky Stitch and the Final Event at Handcrafters House.

SHOP ADDRESS CHANGE: AusTech Sewing Machines is moving around the corner before the Shop Hops. The new address will be: U1/215 Railway Avenue Kelmscott 6111. There will be a sign on the old shop so no one should miss out.


Map Page: Points for the following shops need correction:  Two Crafty Ladies (2) instead of (1 point), Teddy Tree (1)

Shop Info page:  Teddy Tree – 10% discount instead of 0% discount

Raffle Prize Donors (back page)

The Quilt Fairy is one of the donors and they didn’t get listed by mistake.


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