Historic Hexagon Quilt

An interesting mail came today referring to one of WAQA’s quilts made in the early days of our Association. It is lovely to hear that the quilt is still being cared for and on show, especially in this our anniversary year…

“I would like to inform you that while researching on your website I stumbled upon something very interesting in your history section and made an interesting connection to one of our quilts, currently on display for a mini exhibition displaying historic quilts of the York area at The York Residency Museum. Your members may be interested to know that the patch work hexagon quilt referred to on your history page has been calling the York Residency Museum home since 1984 and is currently displayed for a mini exhibition until the end of September. From my understanding this quilt represents the first quilt created by your organisation and may be of great interest to your members. Also in the exhibition is W.A’s oldest know patchwork quilt dated to 1857 and a memorial quilt depicting the life of Janet Millett one of Australian’s female pioneers. If your membership is interested in visiting the museum our opening hours are as follows: 

Tuesday to Thursday 1:00pm -3:00pm 

Saturday and Sunday 11:00am – 3:30pm

Special hours can be catered to for prebooked groups of 10 or more”
Katie Benfield – York Residency Museum Assistant

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