Is Your Inspiration a Little Rusty?

Feeling devoid of inspiration for Stitched and Bound? What about rusting some fabric and see where this takes you.

‘As Ye Sow We Hope Ye Will Reap’, by Taryn Blight stitched and bound 2014 – back to The Razor’s Edge

‘As Ye Sow We Hope Ye Will Reap’, by Taryn Blight
stitched and bound 2014 – back to The Razor’s Edge

I decided to experiment with this technique. The photo below shows my results from following instructions found on the internet after Googling ‘rusting fabric’. Three of these fabric samples used a method where I spread the metal items out on the fabric, folded or rolled the fabric up with the bits inside and tied the rolled fabric to secure it. I made sure to tie the fabric firmly, not tightly, as air needs to circulate around the metal bits and pieces to help create the rust.

  • Top left square – Rusty nails sprinkled sparsely on cream fabric.
  • Bottom left square – A lot of rusty nails plus some nuts and bolts were sprinkled over the fabric.
  • Bottom right square – This sample used steel wool spread over the fabric.
  •  A different method was used for the sample in the top right square of the photo. For this sample I flattened the fabric over a rusty garden ornament.

Rusted fabric sample - Pat Forster 2016

I can see potential in all the pieces to be embellished with simple hand embroidery for interesting results. Avoid using your sewing machine because specs of rust can damage it.

 So, if stuck for inspiration, you could Google for rusting instructions and start experimenting. Just make sure to pay attention to the required safety precautions for the process that you choose.

Pat Forster  Rusting fabric – Pat Forster – PDF


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