Over Here Exhibition

over_here2016_248 copyover here invite

Over Here: an integrated response to place

Imagine sustaining a meaningful conversation between yourself, Jackson Pollock and your mother.
This is the first statement of the brief over_here2016_159 copyput to five artists from Albany, WA: Kate Campbell- Pope, Elizabeth Riley, Anna Sabadini, Kati Thamo, and Anne Walmsley.
As women, they were asked to respond to a male Modernist artist, artwork, or movement, using domestic craft techniques – but not in an adversarial way. Each artist imagined her work as a bridge. They also responded to the physical place in which they live – the Great Southern region of WA.
The contemporary textiles they’ve made consider how being a self ‘in place’ is more than a relationship with physical place – land. It also involves cultural placements that are important to identity and belonging. For non-indigenous Australians this often means identifying with places elsewhere, e.g., the Modernist New York art scene, or a parent’s homeland overseas.
Sometimes, these cultural placements feel separated from each other – and from the land we live on. Being a woman, a daughter, an artist with a Modernist education, as well as being contemporary and regional at the same time is often tricky – how do you get a conversation going between people who come from different worlds and speak different languages? Could our mothers and Jackson Pollock talk to – and understand – each other?
This show, curated by Anna Sabadini, explores how the language of craft might encourage conversations.

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  1. Lyn Brown says:

    ANNA The book mentioned on our visit to your exhibition is “Textile is Alive!” Ellen Bakker ISBN 978 818476-4-3 /aksi “Felting for me..” is a different edition If you wish to see the book email Lyn legendlyn@gmail.com for we can meet up

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