The Australian Council of Quilters – Tasmania 2016

The ACQ is meeting this weekend in Tasmania and President Gwen and ACQ rep Sheila are there to represent West Australia. The ACQ meets each year with delegates from all the Australian state and territory guilds to discuss such issues as teaching, judging and other quilt related subjects.

The ACQ aims to:

  • To promote patchwork and quiltmaking in Australia
  • To promote Australian quiltmaking internationally
  • To promote the preservation of Australia’s heritage of quilts and quiltmaking
  • To encourage high standards in professional areas of quiltmaking such as teaching and valuing
  • To facilitate co-operation between state and territory quilting groups throughout Australia and support their initiatives
  • To provide a forum for the gathering and sharing of information and ideas

For more information on the council follow the link australian council of quilters

The first event was a fantastic reception with the Tasmanian Governor: Her Excellency, Professor, the Honourable Kate Warner in Government House. IMG_3965


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2 Responses to The Australian Council of Quilters – Tasmania 2016

  1. Tiiu Stojanovic says:

    Beautiful! Both buildings and people!

  2. Robyn Grubb says:

    What fun…hope the business part is as classy!

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