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  1. Debra Bain says:

    Hello, my name is Debbie, I have only just started playing around on my sewing machine, trying to make different things, I have seen a lot about quilting. It looks absolutely lovely, and I would like to give it a go, but I have no idea how or where to start. I live in Armadale WA, I am on a disability pension so expensive class I can not afford. Can you suggest anywhere around my area that I could go to.
    Hope you can help, much appreciated.

    • Hi Debbie, I will find out for you.

    • sue norton says:

      Hi Debbie, have some FREE video lessons. This is where I started off, plus you always have you free lessons sitting in your ‘account’. “Piece, Patch, Quilt” was the one I did. It is great because you can replay it as much as you like. Also, I go to a church craft group each week, where there are some seasoned patchwork ladies who are more than willing to help and guide you. There are heaps of freebies to be found. Even You Tube has some good ones.
      Good luck. You can even email me if you would like:
      All the best.

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