Quilts for Perth Bushfire Victims

Following the recent bush fires affecting families in the Perth Hills, we ask anyone who wishes to donate quilts to contact Gwen: waqacommunityquilts@gmail.com or Sheila: waqapresident@gmail.com

We would like to give each child a quilt, plus we need as yet an undetermined number of adult quilts, so any size would be gratefully appreciated. We have already collected a number of quilts which are ready to go.

DO NOT contact DFES advertised meeting centres for community victims of the fires, as they are overstretched at present.

A contact and distribution point has been established with a hills craft and quilt group in Parkerville.

Bushfire quilts we have gathered so far...

Bushfire quilts we have gathered so far…




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One Response to Quilts for Perth Bushfire Victims

  1. Maria Wilson says:

    I have a bright Batik Jelly Roll quilt I would love to donate. could send it or I am coming down to Perth for a Scquilters Meet in Pinjarra Feb 1st. I think Prue Linge will be there too. Can give it to her.

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