Committee Retreat 2013

The Committee escaped to the country this weekend and headed down to the St John of God’s Retreat Centre at Shoalwater for a bit of bonding and relaxation. Some Retreaters produced more than others but all in all it was a fun few days.

Mylene brought all her scraps to cut up and went home with the same amount she brought with her
QQ Editor Mylene brought her stash of fabrics to cut up into squares but didn’t seem to make any inroad into the pile!

President Sheila found her desk sabotaged on a regular basis

Treasurer Moya managed to do a little book-keeping in-between sewing

Membership Secretary Shari looking a picture with her table runner (flowers and iron perfectly placed)

Community Quilt Convenor Gwen – no, she’s not sewing a plastic bag!

Librarian Jean (the demon jig-sawer) helped by Publicity and Community Affairs person, Norma

Buyer of the Books Thea with her show and tell

Librarian Jean is in there somewhere

Retreat Convenor Carol with her ‘ooh la la’ table runner

Past Mail Clerk Tiiu sewing up a storm

AQC Rep (amongst other things) Stephanie showing a Christmas stocking big enough to fit a new baby grandchild inside!

Night Time Hostess Coordinator Trish

Insurance Liaison Dianne

Mail Clerk & Correspondence secretary Lesley with hundreds of hexagons

VP (Very Important) Phil on the Christmas cracker production line

QuiltWest Convenor Marion with her show and tell

A Retreat-Crasher who sneaked in somehow

Quilt Historian Margaret shows that size isn’t everything

Alien Quilters Alert

… and that seems to sum up the whole weekend!

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1 Response to Committee Retreat 2013

  1. It looks like fun. I love the special glasses.

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