The Value of Value

A Most Valuable Workshop

Judy Campbell’s ‘The Value of Value’ workshop, held on 22nd September, provided all the participants with some essential tools for their quilting toolbox. Hue, shade, tint and saturated were just some of the new terms learned and concepts played with through the course of the day.

 Multiple exercises involved cutting 1” squares of fabric from a variety of solid colours and arranging them in order from light to dark, or playing around and using them as accents. We all agreed that although it was possible to do such exercises from books at home it was something we wouldn’t do as we tend to prefer working on our multitude of quilting projects instead. Now, however, we all have a range of samples created at the workshop that we can use to enhance our future quilting endeavors.

Value of Value

Some of the comments from our participants included…

A wonderful, colourful workshop essential for teaching colour choices before you start the next quilt! Judy was the best!

Very enjoyable & informative. Every quilter should do this workshop. Wish I had done it years ago. Judy is lovely and very easy to learn from.

Thoroughly enjoyed my day. Great to play with colour in a thoughtful way…not always in my comfort zone. Thanks Judy and Tracy.


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