QuiltWest 2013

Dates for QuiltWest 2013 are Wednesday 22nd May to Sunday 26th May inclusive. The exhibition will be held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Entry to the exhibition is open to financial members of WAQA as at December 31st 2012.  The position of convenor for the 2013 exhibition remains vacant, without a convenor no preparations or meetings for next years’ show will take place. Would all members please consider taking on this position either with a friend or on your own. If you think you can help, please email the QuiltWest team

The theme for next year is Two Colour Quilts. Have a look in the WAQA library to get some ideas. Now is the time to begin stitching those quilts! Below are a few two colour quilts that have been drawn in EQ7. Please read the blog regularly to find new information about the 2013 exhibition.

Twisted Log Cabin Quilt drawn in EQ7

The quilt above consists of Twisted Log Cabin blocks.  A colour gradation of green and gradation of orange has been chosen for this quilt.

Irish Chain drawn in EQ7The Irish Quilt use a purple gradation with cream background.

Blue Wedding Quilt drawn in EQ7

The beautiful blue and white quilt above is an adaptation of a quilt called Winter Garden that was designed by Liz Jones and appeared in the October 2007 edition of Quilter’s Newsletter. The centre of the quilt has been redesigned in EQ7 while the border remains the same as in the original quilt.

Please contact the QuiltWest team if you have any queries concerning next years exhibition.

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2 Responses to QuiltWest 2013

  1. Lisa says:

    This is a fantastic theme, love two color quilts!

  2. Thanks Lisa, we will hopefully be able to send out a criteria to members after the QuiltWest meeting in September

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