Changing times!

If you notice that the blog keeps morphing and changing, do not adjust your glasses, it is just us working behind the scenes trying to make it better.  It is now the electronic equivalent of a UFO and a WIP.

The images in the page headers are details of prize winning quilts from this year’s QuiltWest.  And yes, we are auditioning some gallery add-ons so that you can see them in all their glory.

Suggestions welcomed and thank you for your patience while we tinker away.


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10 Responses to Changing times!

  1. phil thomas says:

    I like the ‘ghost’ logo in the heading.

  2. waqablog says:

    Oh good! I was worried it was a bit too ghostly.

  3. Sheila Pye says:

    Love the changes, I too like the little ghostie!

  4. Sheila says:

    Where have the links gone on the blog page?

  5. waqablog says:

    They are still here but it might depend how you are looking at the page. Were you in a reader or on the site itself? I think they also disappear when you look at just the one post. I need to track down what is happening! 😦

  6. waqablog says:

    Yah! Thanks Sheila, this sent me off on a hunt and I found out that in Twenty Eleven theme they had been removed but a plug-in was recommended (Mike Walker’s Theme Extensions) that allowed me to get them back in.

  7. Sheila says:

    I have found the links at the bottom of the page after the post, not a place I would usually look for them……..!

  8. Sheila Pye says:


  9. waqablog says:

    Yes, they go down the bottom on my iPad but not my laptop.
    Oh the joys of sorting out a new theme!

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