QuiltWest Entry Form and Handbook now online

quiltwest 2012 badge

2012 Badge

For those of you who need extra copies of the entry form it is now available online at: http://www.waquilters.org.au/pages/quiltwest.htm.

You can download a printable PDF form that you can print and fill in or you can download the editable Word .doc version.

The whole 2012 QuiltWest handbook is also there so you can check out essentials like how to make a quilt bag, what size the sleeve on the back should be and the all important where to drop off your quilt.

Good luck to everyone who is putting in an entry!

Posted by Jan Ring WAQA WebMaster
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1 Response to QuiltWest Entry Form and Handbook now online

  1. Lebogang says:

    Thank you all for your encouraging rkearms… My approach to the color in this quiltwas to use on of the pink roses as my basis. I then went through the fabrics Ihad – did they have one of the shades of pink in the roses? I kept only theones that did. In this case that was not many fabrics: there was one biggerpiece with rosebuds, and 2 smaller pieces of floral with pink, and some 2 darkerpink plains. To this I added a white tone on tone print – I did not choose plainwhite as I thought in large areas this would be just two plain and I knew thatthere would be large areas due to the lack of pink.The width of the stripes and strips was determined again by the fabricavailable: to make this symmetrical I need 8 (for example) pieces that are Xlong – i then calculated how wide to cut them and hoped like mad i had not madea calculation error…With my left overs I could perhaps make a potholder… The only reason I did notrelent and go to a fabric shop is the distance I would have to travel….

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