Michele Hill Workshops

What a wonderful week I have had filled with Michele Hill’s beautiful quilts, a talk on William Morris and workshops to finish.

The week started when Michele arrived into Perth on Wednesday night and gave a talk at the WA Quilt Assoc. AGM. We had Michele’s beautiful and prize winning quilts on display to drool over and the a wonderful power point presentation about William Morris, with lots of pictures of his work and designs. It was so inspiring.

Starting the Workshop

Then on Friday we stared workshops with Michele. It was a one day class on Friday learning how to draw our own applique designs using architecture as our inspiration. Everyone there came up with something different and amazing.

Julie Drawing her Design

Lesley, Gwenda and Dawn Admiring Michele’s Best of Show Quilt
Lyn’s Finished Drawing

Saturday and Sunday was Michele’s William Morris Garden workshop. We learned Machine Applique techniques, some hand embroidery stitches and lots of tips and tricks along the way.
Michele showing Me(Rebecca), Lyn and Shelley her Applique

Everyone Machine Appliqueing

Michele Helping Jan

Michele laying our Trish’s Applique Block

Tiiu and Julie admiring the William Morris Garden Quilt

Everyone in the workshops left with a smile on their face. Michele was the most generous and kind hearted teacher the WAQA has every had to visit and I am so glad to have been there to spent the time with her. Not only was she giving with her time but also with her knowledge and designs.
Everyone with their finished William Morris Garden Blocks

Michele’s latest creation, it is amazing!

Michele’s other Best of Show Quilt called My walk in Melbourne

Thank you Michele

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