More Medallion Magic

A total of 18 quilts were entered in the Medallion Magic category at our recent QuiltWest exhibition. During the next few days I will post photos of some of the entries in this category as I get use to blogging.

Yesterday was the first time I posted and that was under the guidance of our webmaster Jan Ring. So now this virgin blogger is going to go it alone. I thought I would show you a photo of one of the QuiltWest committee members quilts.

Sister's Choice made by Jan Rowe

This quilt was made by Jan Rowe. Her sister once told her she liked green and purple quilts. The block Jan used to make this quilt is called “Sister’s Choice”. Jan used a fabric featuring fuschias, her father also grew magnificient fuschias so this quilt is for a special birthday. This quilt won Jan first prize in the professional section of this year’s theme category “Medallion Magic”
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2 Responses to More Medallion Magic

  1. Linda Stokes says:

    Great to see your new blog! Beautiful quilt too.

  2. Jan Ring says:

    Thanks Linda, we hope the blog will continue to get even better. There are so many beautiful quilts made by our members and it will be fun to showcase them here.

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